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Hisorical notes on Cori

Where are we ?

Besides its landscape significance, marked by a luxuriant scenery and most of all a spactacular view on the pianura Pontina from Anzio to the Circeo mount, Cori has a great importance from an archeolocical and historical point of view.
The history of Cori (ancient Cora) dates back further than that of Rome; its origins are lost in myth. The ancient scholars claimed that Cora was founded by Dardanus, a trojan hero. There are relevant archeological evidences such as the temple of Hercules (II century b.C.), the cyclopean town walls, triunph of polygonal work ,made of large rocks of irregular shapes, typical for the development of the terracing walls of the town ( from VI to II century b.C.), the temple of Castor and Pollux and the Catena bridge (I century b.C.), as well as other ruins of temples preserved inside some of the more recent churches.
These archelogical examples interlace with the typical medieval architecture of the churches, among which the Chapel of the Annunziata (XIV-XV century a.d.) internationally renouned for its beautiful and extremely well preserved fresco paintings.

A village well worth a visit, even without a precise target.